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Links in Berlin: Spring Fever

Spring is the time to let old habits go and establish new traditions. The Berlin blogging scene is flourishing like the cherry trees at Landwehrkanal and it would be a shame to not applaud their work. Which is exactly what we will do in a new weekly feature presenting the finest blogged content from the past week. Enjoy:

Best of: The most read articles of 2013

Is it just me or did the second half of 2013 go by in what felt like two seconds? Wasn’t it just summer? Inevitably, the year is over. And despite some minor and major confusions, it’s been a good year I’d say. Not only for me personally, but for this blog as well. The food section turned out to be the most popular, is by now kind of dominating all the others and had a grand finale in December’s first Berlin’s Best Bread competition. But shopping at the independent Berlin boutiques is still on our list, as is local fashion and art, and then there was the tremendously successful clothing donation event Warm Up!
I am also very glad you readers welcomed a new author, Toby Ashraf, presenting small films in his column Discover This (don’t miss his best of 2013 films list here!).

2014 will see some changes for this very blog (as every year), you might meet new authors and new topics, nevertheless, the focus will stay the same: portray Berlin in all its contemporary beauty.

Guten Rutsch and Happy New Year!

Credit: Pascal Rohé, Fettes, Love & Sieben

Recap: Warm Up

Yesterday saw the first Warm Up, a clothing donation event in support of Kältehilfe Berlin at Voo Store. And it was amazing. Never would I have expected so many people to come and donate, not speaking of the masses of winter warmers people brought in. In total over 250 people donated 1711 kg. Which is 1,7 tons of winter clothing. Which is in words one thousand seven hundred eleven kilogram. Can you believe it? I still can’t. But here are pictures:

Update: Warm Up!

Warm Up, the clothing donation event in support of Kältehilfe Berlin happening at Voo is only a couple of days (!) away. On Sunday you’ll have the chance to donate your winter clothing for the good cause and win amazing prices by sponsors like Mykita, Nike and Aesop for it. If you haven’t heard about this event, here are more information and here are some updates: