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War es das?!

Erstmal ja, aber wir schließen furios!

Die Ausstellung war toll – über 5000 Besucher waren (bisher) da! Danke für all die Unterstützung und Aufmerksamkeit!

Am kommenden Sonntag werden wir unsere Bilder signieren und versteigern. Bisschen Wein gibt es auch noch.

Wir laden Euch herzlich zur Finissage ein

im CREATE Berlin Showroom am 6. Mai um 16 Uhr

Oranienburger Str. 35-36, 10117 Berlin

Fashion Pol…Army!

Love it or hate it. For some it seems like she opened her closet and grabbed anything within reach, others appreciate this ensemble. We like it and think it’s splendiferous. Check the peppermint shoes.

Malin, 18, artist
Guess what: another scandinavian in Berlin. To be precise she is from Sweden. We noticed a lot of scandinavian people in Berlin. But you don’t hear us complaining. :D

We’ll meet again…

Met her again on her way home from Club der Visionäre. Since this is the third picture of her on our blog, we’ll have a little raffle: just link the pics from the previous encounters in a comment. The glorious winner gets a bar of chocolate made in Berlin. Hurray!
*first come, first served*