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Links in Berlin: All hot

Summer’s back in full swing and as if we had planned it this way, this week’s #linksinberlin are all suggesting things to do this weekend – from a Korean BBQ joint near Tempelhof to the big spectacle on Sunday that is The Breakfast Market. Enjoy this Berlin summer as long as it lasts – and be sure to tag your sunny impressions of the city with #linksinberlin to get featured in our next round-up! Like @tigramgros did when he submitted this beautiful scene of summer in Berlin!

Lottermann and Fuentes: Ping/Pong

Ping Pong is a playful action/reaction game. For every ping there is a pong. It is about speed, precision and fun. When photographer duo Lottermann and Fuentes sent me a ping, I answered with a pong. Both ping and pong will be part of an exhibition at Kirsten Hermann’s gallery opening next Monday. Maybe I’ll see you there?

Lottermann & Fuentes: Ping/Pong (Berlin)
08. July – 06. September
Opening 07. July, 19:00–21:00
Galerie für Moderne Fotografie,
Schröderstraße 13, 10115 Berlin

Links in Berlin: Trouble Trouble

Though looking all content in instagram user tigramgros’ picture (submit yours with the hashtag #linksinberlin!), Berlin has been a troublesome place this week: while parts of Kreuzberg 36 were occupied by police from all over Germany because of refugees occupying a school, Alexanderplatz was not so much occupied by crazy-cheap-shoppers for the opening of a certain new crazy-cheap-clothing-shop but by protesters and a counter-event promoting the use of second-hand-clothing with a trade party (thank you, Berliners). And then there’s Fashion Week coming up, which had to move to Wedding because the usual space is occupied by crazy-soccer-fans who want to watch the games while riding a ferris wheal and eating currywurst (seriously).
This is what happened on the blogs this week!

6 Places To Not See The Game: In Berlin

Avoiding the game seems to be not only a difficult thing, but also an idea that mostly evokes astonishment (“why in hell wouldn’t you want to see THE game?!”) if not even total lack of understanding (“what are you, crazy?”). But it’s true – I like to not see any games, because I just don’t care. And get even a little intimidated by the crowds cheering for a certain national team. But I still like to go out, instead of backtracking into my home, closing all windows and watch a movie with headphones on.
However, the solitude and quiet you experience when visiting a place during a game that is actually not showing it, is priceless. Like this time during the first game of Germany when I went grocery shopping and there where no lines. Or during the second game when the park was so empty it felt like Christmas (only with better temperatures). However, finding those places is not easy, since football seems to be everywhere. This is why I made this little list for those, who are joining my disinterest.