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Kimchi, Jjigae

Guide: Lunch in Mitte

Working in Mitte, there’s certainly nothing to complain about when it comes to choosing a place to have lunch. Nevertheless, I am very sure you’ve not only once experienced one of those where-should-we-go situations… Hence, this list. Which is far from complete, naturally, but a list of my personal favorites for lunch. Nothing more, nothing less. And with a foursquare list.

A Shopping, Eating & Drinking Guide to: Brussels

Going to Brussels always means a heavy to-do list, too many interesting museums, too many delicious treats, too much odd yet good beer awaits the traveller in this city. People told me, normally Brussels suffers from an endless grey sky, not so when I was there couple of days ago. Sunny sunshine, very blue skies and warm temperatures made my stay very pleasurable and I can’t wait to come back. Also to compile even more tips on this fascinating city, for now, here are my favorites from last week:

Shopping Guide: Mulackstraße

When someone asks me where to go shopping in Berlin if you only have very little time, I usually send them to the most fashionable street in Mitte: Mulackstraße. This side-street of Alte Schönhauser Straße in the middle of Mitte is home to many young and independent boutiques, selling everything from rather cray-cray street-wear, to French boutique-dresses and highly conceptual avantgarde-clothing.

A Short Guide to: Gallery Weekend

We’re restarting the season of activity (versus winter) with a weekend full of art. Gallery Weekend is coming up, the annual gallery feast where every art-related location and project is opening its doors for the interested audiences. But there’s only so much one can see and so we’ll all need a little guidance. I asked Caro Würfel, art writer and dear friend, to present me her personal favorites that she’s looking forward to the most.

Guide: Winter 2013

Oh well, winter in Berlin is a grumpy and grim beast, only here to diminish our love for this city that turns into a grey slush as soon as September ends. There’s no way to sugarcoat the hard times between October and April and I surely wouldn’t recommend anyone to visit now – however, some of us live here and there actually are ways to sooth the pain.

Pretty enjoyable ways I’d even say, nightlife is never as excessive and fatal as during never ending winter nights, most of heavy German food is actually only to be savored when a chunky knit hides its consequences the next day and there are tons of beautiful cinemas to spend continuous days without sunshine in. Nevertheless I shied away from writing an actual guide until now (whereas I’ve done several funny-sunny summer guides…), preferring to indulge in bored melancholia and wishful thinking of glorious summer days. Still, attack is the best form of defense, so bring it on you icy bitch!