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Guide: The best shops for Christmas gifts in Berlin

For some of you this little list might come way too late. For others, like myself, who just started to think about Christmas gifts this week, it might be a lot of help. Of course, there are loads of other options to get the perfect gift, it just happens that these are my favorits, the ones I rely on. Hope they’ll help you as much as they helped me. Have a merry holiday!

Guide: Delicious Ice Cream in Berlin

I would have loved to start this entry by praising the glorious Berlin summer, but this year, this would be a lie, as you all know. Still, ice cream and summer go together very well and why pass on luscious gelato, just because summer chose to be rainy and cold?
Ice cream underwent some serious revaluation in the past years in Berlin with small vendors offering crazy tastes and/or calling themselves ice cream patissiers popping up throughout the city. It is certainly not hard to find good quality ice cream in Berlin, still I was out to find the high quality glacé during the last weeks and assembled a fair number of those here.

Guide: Summer 2012

This year’s summer is having a hard time showing its best sides yet, but it’s trying and still has some days to prove why we love it so much. To prepare you for when the weeks of sun and warmth and joy finally come, we assembled a new edition of our summer guide.

Guide: Third Wave Coffee in Berlin

After a highly caffeinated week, we’ve finished our guide to the best coffee in Berlin. The coffee culture here has been somewhat lacking, but a slew of third wave coffee bars have opened up in the past few years, with an army of New Zealander and Australian baristas. The focus of this guide is on the coffee itself, and not necessarily the cafe (although most of the cafes we’ve listed are also some of the best places to hang out as well).

Guide: How to Shop Berlin Designers in Berlin

As you might have noticed, I’m an eager follower of the work of Berlin-based designers, and I want them to be successful – so the idea to assemble a guide on how to shop Berlin-based designers in the city is not too far off our way. Let’s be honest: one of the most important things for a fashion brand is to sell their designs — so go out and shop NOW: