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Interview: Roman Vardijan of Nightboutique

If you’re a fashionable person in Berlin, you need to meet him, the master of quilted bags, skyhigh heels and apefur coats – Roman Vardijan is the person everyone would love to be close with, since he has the magic hand to get every vintage delicacy you can dream of. Most of his energy goes into the elaboration of his ever upgrading stock of collector’s items Chanel, Alaia, Alexander McQueen, Céline and Japanese Avantgarde designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake. The good thing is – he’s not about keeping those gems to himself, he deliberately shares them with the vintage hungry crowd in his innovative Nightboutique, offering themed selections of exquisite vintage clothing in sassy decorations after sunset.

At home & Interview: Dena

There’s a science behind the ideal summer jam: it needs to be peppy, silly, and catchy. Dena’s genius “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools” hits all our buttons, but it was the fantastic fleamarket-set video that really made the internet sit up and hit replay again and again. It was high time StilinBerlin’s music expert Florian Duijsens met this Bulgarian artist to talk about just how she pulled off writing 2012’s perfect summer jam.

Interview: Julian Zigerli and Fabian Fobbe

Julian Zigerli (28, left) is a young menswear designer from Zürich who joined forces with Berlin based artist Fabian Fobbe for his new collection called „My Daddy was a Military Pilot“. Truth is, his father was a military pilot, flying a Mirage for the Swiss army. His picture adorns the invite for the presentation last week in Kreuzberg.

While Zigerli created the cuts, Fobbe worked on prints, and the result is an erratic mixture of rigorous shapes, numerous velcro and silk in the colors of the rainbow. I talked to them about the inescapable reference Top Gun, radiating air and sharks.