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On the Road: Makapuu, O’ahu

So what happens is that I’m in Hawaii for project for the launch of the new Volkswagen Beetle, chasing the sun together with five other people from around the world. We’re up doing different sun-related activities every day, like doing yoga during sunrise or hiking up a mountain to get a view on the sunset (follow me on instagram to see even more of that beauty). And even more weird stuff that will all be documented on the As Sun As Possible website soon, which you can find here.

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On the Road: Hawaii

I am on the road again, invited for a campaign for Volkswagen (more on that later), I travelled to O’ahu, Hawaii. It’s magical and I only now start to grasp where I am. While I’m gone, this blog will be hosted by Florian Duijsens, who has already been contributing to this blog and I am very happy he’s taking over. (Nevertheless, there will be occasional Hawaiian posts, if you don’t mind.)