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On Tour: Hello California!

Dear lovely readers,

I decided to travel a little with one of my dear friends and a short poll on facebook and twitter resulted in a vote for you wanting to come with me rather than read scheduled Berlin-posts. So be ready for some Californian content, but in case you can’t survive without Berlin content for the two weeks to come, I suggest you visit one of those fabulous Berlin blogs:

Guide: Where I ate in Copenhagen

This is not a real guide, it’s more a comprehension of the food I encountered during my trip to Copenhagen Fashion Week last week. I had a lot of very good food, although I was pretty surprised to find vegetarian options to be offered rather scarcely (the vegetarian option at a press dinner was salad. As in: green salad). Still, the food I had was always fresh, original and tasty (and expensive, oh boy). So here are my recommendations, which some of you might find helpful.