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Shop in Berlin: Dialogue Books (closed)

Even though e-readers are less and less of a rare sight on the U- and S-Bahn these days, actual, honest-to-goodness books are close to our heart here at Stil in Berlin. And the true value of visiting a bookseller becomes clear as soon as you walk into Dialogue‘s cozy Schönleinstrasse shop.

Shop in Berlin: Civilist

Street wear and all its appendices is big in Berlin and there are several stores catering to the needs of those who only want to shop highly limited sneakers. Civilist is one of the more laid-back – it’s been created by the makers of Lodown Magazine and thus has a focus on skate culture.

Shop in Berlin: International Wardrobe

While Berlin might have some work to do in terms of highly specialized and high quality food stores, the fashion landscape is already way ahead. And that this is still possible in Mitte, the district with the ridiculous new architecture, urban development plans and the rise in rents resulting from this, proofs this small new store called International Wardrobe in Almstadtstraße.