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Corona Crisis: Infos for hospitality business owners

Hope you’re all holding up okay. This is a really, really hard time, and there are so many questions around. And while I’m the last one to promote high productivity in times of crisis, small business owners need to face the challenge this shut-down brings and need to keep active for a chance to survive. We’re all hoping the government will provide security, help with loans, tax reductions, and more. Until this happens, we need to be proactive. Since last week, we’re collecting resources and information in the Feminist Food Club group and I wanted to share what we found here. This post will be regularly updated with new information. First, here are my four encouragements specifically for gastronomy owners, that probably apply to many small businesses.

Sunday Evening Meal: with Samsung


I’m guessing most people reading this blog don’t consider me a home-cook and it’s true, I love dining out! But I also love to prepare meals at home. And while I do sometimes go for a quick fix, I also enjoy stocking my fridge for more lavish recipes on the farmers market – the one at Südstern is my favourite, because it’s close to my house, isn’t too big and has everything I need. I made it into somewhat of a ritual to prepare the week to come on Sundays, and so here we go: I’m teaming up with Samsung to show you how I stock my fridge and prepare my week on Sunday evenings.

Escape: Where to Eat in Paris

Another three days in Paris means three days of feasting, walking, and endless enjoying. Only coming for a visit makes it much easier for me to relish the city’s offerings – wandering from boulangerie to patisserie to bistro without caring about their housing crisis, traffic crisis, or politics crisis. Or about the fact that I still haven’t been inside the Louvre! What bothers me even more is that I also didn’t make it to the many places on my list in the 11th arrondissement, limiting my ways to the 1st and surroundings with occasional trips to the Marais and the 9th, like a real tourist. Well, there’s always a next time for Paris, right?
Here’s what I ate this time, quite different from my last visit in May. Gonna be back soon, let me know your tips and tricks in the comments.

Escape: Usedom

Sponsored in parts by Strandhotel Ahlbeck

Spending time by a big body of water is the ideal restoration for me – a lake is fine, but the sea is even better. The closest option to Berlin is the Baltic Sea and its many islands and peninsulas. Over the holidays I got the chance to visit one of the prettiest, Usedom, with its many classic Bäderarchitektur mansions. I stayed in Ahlbeck over the holidays, invited by the recently opened Strandhotel, which has one very important feat when it comes to staying by the sea: it’s in the front-row to the beach. Just a sidewalk and the dune is separating you from the breaking waves.

Frage: Warum ist das Essen in Berlin oft so schlecht?

Click here to read this text in English: Why is food in Berlin (still) so bad?

Erstmal: Verzeihung, aber das hier ist kein Rant. Denn natürlich gibt es jede Menge gutes Essen in Berlin. Mehr noch, in Berlin hat es schon immer exzellente Restaurants gegeben und es werden jeden Tag mehr. Aber ich begegne zunehmend Menschen, Tourist_innen sowie Einheimischen, die so großartiges über die Berliner Food Szene lesen (entweder auf diesem Blog oder den unzähligen anderen Quellen) und sich dann wundern, wenn die durchschnittliche Qualität immer noch eher … schwierig ist. Weder kannst du in irgendeine Bäckerei reinlaufen und erwarten, dass die Brötchen gut und handgemacht sind. Noch funktioniert es, sich spontan ein Restaurant fürs Abendessen um die Ecke auszusuchen. Gerade die Läden an schönen Orten (am Kanal, im Park, mit Ausblick) servieren eher unterdurchschnittliche Speisen. Und auch wenn man an den besonders gehypten Orten gerade am Wochenende gern mal eine Stunde ansteht, ist das Erlebnis doch überraschend oft eher durchschnittlich. Immer mehr Neulinge ziehen heute (gezwungenermaßen) in Bezirke wie Spandau, Lichtenberg oder Lankwitz und wundern sich, dass diese Kieze noch keine Läden hervorgebracht haben, die ihre hohen Erwartungen erfüllen. Was ist da los?