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Tag: Berlin summer

Biergarten in Berlin: Prater Garten

It’s the same every year, after weeks of suffering from cold temperatures, icy winds and just too much snow, temperatures suddenly make a surprising jump to give Berlin a summery feel the local flora can’t live up to… So that’s why the above picture is lacking in something: leafs. The beautiful and giant chestnut trees covering the more than famous Prater Garten are still very naked and thus an odd contrast to the crowds enjoying beer in sleeveless shirts and short skirts.

Spring in Berlin

I love how Berlin changes as soon as the sun is out. As if a heavy weight was finally taken off the city, people pour out on the streets to sit outside of cafés, turning their face into the sun to enjoy every minute of it. Who knows how long the golden one will stay with us, I’m sure the winter beast will make a final return sooner or later, until then: breathe, Berlin, breathe!

Guide: Delicious Ice Cream in Berlin

I would have loved to start this entry by praising the glorious Berlin summer, but this year, this would be a lie, as you all know. Still, ice cream and summer go together very well and why pass on luscious gelato, just because summer chose to be rainy and cold?
Ice cream underwent some serious revaluation in the past years in Berlin with small vendors offering crazy tastes and/or calling themselves ice cream patissiers popping up throughout the city. It is certainly not hard to find good quality ice cream in Berlin, still I was out to find the high quality glacé during the last weeks and assembled a fair number of those here.

Guide: Summer 2012

This year’s summer is having a hard time showing its best sides yet, but it’s trying and still has some days to prove why we love it so much. To prepare you for when the weeks of sun and warmth and joy finally come, we assembled a new edition of our summer guide.

Guide: Summer 2011

Oh holy summer, finally you’re here to prove our love for this city – we’ve never understood why some people would leave for holidays during those fabulous (but few) weeks of sunshine and heat, where Berlin looks and feels gorgeous and everything is just great! We hope this short guide will help you to make your summertime even nicer.