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Guide To The Best Places in Berlin: Now as PDF!

It’s summer and you might be planning that spontaneous trip to Berlin, so I’ve decided to release a downloadable pdf-version of the Best Places in Berlin Map, guiding you to all my favs in this vast city, from pizza to coffee, fine dining to falafel, stationery to furniture and fashion. It has all the content the original printed one has, just not the haptic qualities – if you’re a fan of printed matter, you can get the folded paper version, that has the perfect pocket-sized format, and a pretty banderole to hold it together, here.

The Best Places in Berlin: A Map 2016

After a year (and since the first edition is sold-out), it was time to seriously update my beloved printed guide to this city – to not only cover all the new opening times of my long-time favorites, but to finally include all the new additions – twenty-six new spots to be precise, which pushes it to 98 best places in Berlin in total! To honor this update, Alexandra Bruns developed a new design, with new colors, and a new glossy cover – while we kept all the things that proved to work so well: the format, the folding, the categories. Let me know what you think! And get it here.

The Best Places in Berlin: A Map

Many times I’ve considered the idea of assembling a best-of list comprising my absolute favorite Berlin spots. Yet instead of writing up a listicle, we once again left the safe paths of the web to move into the thrilling field of print. It took some paper wrangling and some heightened discussion over the merits of one location over another, but now that it’s finished I am very proud to say: the map is here!