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Kitchen Tunes: Big Stuff Smoked BBQ

The other day, when we were filling our bellies at Markthalle Neun, Anna of Big Stuff Smoked BBQ came up with the following idea: what if we could sneak into a chef’s kitchen, not only to see but to hear what they’re listening to? Taking a look behind-the-scenes, listening to the same music that’s playing when the chefs do their magic. Many of you know how much we love the combination of food & music and there’s supposed to be a connection between the music a chef’s listening to while getting inspired for culinary creations.

And just like that, a new series on this very blog was born: Kitchen Tunes!

Meat in Berlin: Big Stuff

With opinions still flaring up about our ongoing search for Berlin’s best burger, it’s important that we honor the other restaurants serving non-burger shaped deliciousness. One of the places consistently drawing both both big crowds and deserved accolades is Big Stuff, which serves meltingly soft BBQ in the heart of Markthalle Neun (right next to their fantastic pescetarian equivalent, fish smokers Glut & Späne).