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Back and Flowers

Marida, 22, sounddesigner from Italy (living in Berlin)

She and her bike were rushing by and it was one of these good-style-but-on-bike-hence-no-photo moments. This we experienced two to three times already everytime we’re shooting. And you know what: each time it gets more depressing. But then Marida stopped almost right infront of us!
We had a little trouble approaching her since our hands and mouths were full icecream from Aldemir. Believe us, that’s not the kind of parlor where you take only one scoop (they sell such mouth-watering flavors like cookies, mecroche, chocolate&chilli and granny’s apple pie and also great pizza). In the end we did get to talk to her and it was worth the effort of taking a break from the ice cream, because that’s the way a sexy back pose is made.
Marida is currently living in that Álvaro Siza building in Falckensteinstraße, where she also designs her own clothes (e.g. that shirt) and pays a horrible rent.

Pierre, 30, writer from Paris

He was the first person we approached on that sunny day and also the first in a row of non-german NeuBerliner (new to Berlin). Since Paris was way too boring he came to Berlin to write a novel, kind of autobiographic. His bag is Comme des Garçons for Fred Perry.

This is Bettina, lovely fashion-editor for Berlin city magazine Zitty. She was accompanying us this day and asking profound and thrilling questions to make a report on us for the next issue.

Summer FTW, 2007-04-13

Anna, 27, student

Juli, 28, journalist

Georgina, 25, artist & Ryan, 31, artist

Vicky, 24, make-up artist

Barbara, 30, working at WoodWood & Neo

Sylvie, 33, working at Herr von Eden & Simon, 8

Lena, 22, hair-stylist

I’m wearing a shirt by American Apparell, trousers from italy and All Stars. I enjoy wearing bright colors, pink expresses my feelings. The trousers I bought in Italy years ago – the fabric and the extraordinary cut appealed to me. These clothes are very comfortable and that is important for me.
I like clothes if they have their own style – exciting shapes, elegance, colorfulness. It’s got to be ‘fresh’ – not so much H&M. Fashion is what the industry proposes. And I don’t like to adapt that. I like unique pieces, every piece I own is a favorite one. I like to provoce with my outfits!

Margret, 36, stylist & Dyrleif, 36, stylist & Margret, 37, marketing-director at a theatre in Reykjavik

On today’s shoot we were followed by this kind lady, who is a photographer for a german newspaper.
Thanks for joining us on this sunshiny day.

and this is her picture of us doing our job:

Picture by Doris Spiekermann-Klaas