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Tag: brodowin

Escape: Into Brandenburg with Opel Cascada

It’s that time of the year! All Berliners wanna flock out of the city and into Brandenburg, watch butterflies, swim in lakes, eat all the creamy cakes, and watch the sun set while lying on a green lawn. To make your list of escape destinations a little longer, I’m giving you three places you must see this summer. And to make your travel loads easier and more stylish, my cooperation partner CarUnity is giving you a pretty convertible for a weekend! We got three Opel Cascada waiting for you on the weekend of July 29th to 31st, choose your favorite escape destination and leave a comment under this article.

In cooperation with Opel

Escape: Brodowin

I am quite sure you’ve heard the name “Brodowin” already – most likely on a milk bottle in your favorite coffee shop or in your local Bioladen. It is by far the best milk you can get in Berlin, and even better, you can visit the cows that  provide it , they live happily just 80km north of Mitte. Which is what I’ve done this past weekend.