Tag: California

On tour: Walking in LA

One of the weirdest things you can do in LA is to walk. May it be with a goal or just strolling around. No one walks in LA, “Let’s just walk there” doesn’t exist in the local vocabulary. This city is so unimaginably vast, every point of interest is at least a mile apart (except those overrated strips on Sunset or Rodeo Dr, the fame of the latter is build on a mere half mile part of the street occupied by brand stores you’ll find in any other major city, the rest of the street is private homes).

Food in San Francisco: Tartine Bakery

I was so very excited to have an apartment just a block away from this bakery in San Francisco’s The Mission district and so happy to finally get to taste what I heard my bread loving, baking and exchanging friend Malin raving about for so long. This bakery seems to be a mecca for everyone who is interested in bread baking since they opened in 2002.

On Tour: Highway 1

Might just be the most beautiful place in the world, take Highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco up north, preferably during sunset and then indulge the breathtaking landscapes of Big Sur. I know, these pictures are unbelievably cheesy, but at the end, as a reward you’ll find down below: the sea lions in an extra-large picture(!).

On Tour: John Lautner’s Chemosphere

We’ve been trying to visit architectural landmarks, especially private houses, since we came here, but most of them are not visible from the street level, so many of our trips weren’t very successful. Of course, one can book tours and this seems to be the only way to actually visit the premises, I mean, at least we tried. The first architectural sight we’ve really seen is John Lautner’s Chemosphere house, a beautiful ufo-like structure resting on a single concrete pole, located just off Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills.