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Tag: Chelsea Farmer’s Club

Shop in Berlin: Chelsea Farmer’s Club

It’s that time of the year again: Fashion Week! On this joyous occasion we went to Charlottenburg to discuss classic menswear with someone who should know: Christoph Tophinke, the mastermind behind the “Chelsea Farmer’s Club“.
We met him in their tiny store on Bleibtreustraße, a cosy venue which they’ll soon exchange for a bigger space on the parallel Schlüterstraße 50. The new store will be a kind of living room for those who prefer to spend their Saturdays sipping fine drinks and enjoying sophisticated chatter. As long as it’s not about “fashion“, that is, because there’s so much more to the world than clothes. We tried, at least, discussing political dresscodes, stuffy Hamburg, and the crucial difference between socks and stockings…

PS. We’ll stay in Mitte for Fashion Week – check our Facebook page for regular updates!