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M’era Luna, 2007-08-12

Liddy, 37, from the Netherlands

Anna, 20, from Hamburg, student

Iriane, 32, from Hamburg, student

Mariella, 17, from the Netherlands, student

Mischa, 20, from Hanau, member of Typus

Heidi, 20, from Mainz, student

Julia, 18, from Augsburg, student

Anita, 25, student

Ligia, 28, from Bielefeld, student

Carneval Fashion

We went on the Carneval of Cultures and had a great time watching the people and the procession. While standing at the line we spotted this girl. First we didn’t notice her in the crowd, but her stunning look made us look back twice. She was walking fast, almost running, so we had a hard time getting to her. But we were able to reach her and here she is:

This guy was dancing on the street having a ball. Later he also saw our girl and was even happier embracing her. :D

Carnival of Cultures in Berlin

The yearly Karneval der Kulturen was held last week in Berlin. Another occasion to drink beer, very much like the worldfamous “Oktoberfest”. No, that is not a nice thing to say. Anyway, this post is not really a fashion post, but instead it’s more of looking on one of Berlin’s craziest festivities.
So come along and enjoy:

“Come along or I’ll getcha!”

Belly dancing german women.

A capoeira-group. First picture is kind of messed up, because these two people are blocking the view.

The question is: Is she some kind of historical character? Can she fly with those golden wings?

Typical german festive garb. Orange denotes strength, honor, generosity, and prosperity. The white hat and the rainbow flag stand for peace.