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Fine Dining in Frankfurt: Stanley Diamond

I had no idea who Mr Diamond was prior to my stop-over in Frankfurt last week. He was an anthropologist and poet. But that’s not the Diamond this marble-clad fine dining restaurant in Frankfurt’s infamous Bahnhofsviertel is referring to. Stanley Diamond was also the name of a member of the Jewish organized crime, born in 1940, 14 years after Maxie Eisen was shot. The latter being the name giver to the pastrami bar, which Stanley Diamond’s – the restaurant’s – owners opened a couple years before just some streets away. It’s all a family business…

At Home: Horst Meier

I’ve known (and admired) Horst Meier for years and had to wait equally long until he welcomed me in his apartment in Frankfurt’s red light district. It was definitely worth the wait, seeing his spotless and perfectly furnished flat that lies just above several dubious casinos and strip clubs.