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Tag: fräulein kimchi

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Kitchen Tunes: Fräulein Kimchi

Many of you may already know Fräulein Kimchi from Street Food Thursday: famous for introducing Berliners to Ramen burgers, she not only knows a thing or two about preparing Kimchi – did you know that Lauren is also a trained opera singer? When working long late night shifts, we can only imagine her singing along to classics like Cindy Lauper or The Andrew Sisters in this week’s Kitchen Tunes! „It keeps me going when the tiredness sets in“, she says.

Chefs at Home: Lauren Lee (& Recipe)

Lauren Lee, born in Korea, grew up in Canada and the US and then moved to Berlin six years ago––you might already know her alter ego, Fräulein Kimchi. She’s one of the most exciting new chefs of the city, bringing together German, Californian and Korean kitchen. And producing the best Kimchi you can get here.