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Tag: hip hop

Hip Hop in Berlin: Berries

Love hip hop, hate homophobia? Me too. I also hate sexism and a macho attitude and so do Stitch & Tchuani, the makers of Berries, an unsual hip hop party that was born almost a year ago. When I went to my first Berries night and danced like no one was watching, I looked around and was almost puzzled by the lack of gender stereotypes I faced at most other hip hop events I had gone to. Instead of gangster and bitch clichees I saw guys making out with each other and ladies rocking the turntables and dance floors. Also, the music was way beyond the ususal charts’ best of. Hanno Stecher and Dominik Djialeu compare their pearl diving (in the sea of hip hop music that is) to picking berries. Hence the name. I sat down with the duo and asked them about their concept and what to expect at OHM this Friday.

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Berlin’s Best Burger: Round #2

Those hella long lines! The lack of *real* hip hop! The fact that some burgers weren’t even f^%&in patty shaped! There’s nothing like a burger to get Berliners up in arms, it seems, as there were a lot of you who voiced their concerns about our first round of voting for Berlin’s Best Burger at last month’s Burgers & Hip Hop event. So for Burgers & Hip Hop #3, this Saturday, March 1st, we’re doing things a little differently: