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Tag: Julian Zigerli

Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert Julian Zigerli

On the Runway: Julian Zigerli Summer 2014

During Fashion Week, there’s only so much I can do myself – too many shows in too little time, and every season there’s the unpleasant double-date, the two shows I really want to see but sadly are happening at the same time. This time it was Julian Zigerli’s presentation that I missed because I attended Achtland’s (fabulous) runway show. Luckily, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, a young photography student at Ostkreuzschule, with high ambitions and even higher talent, visited Zigerli backstage and sent me his analogue snaps, that I am very happy to present here:

Interview: Julian Zigerli and Fabian Fobbe

Julian Zigerli (28, left) is a young menswear designer from Zürich who joined forces with Berlin based artist Fabian Fobbe for his new collection called „My Daddy was a Military Pilot“. Truth is, his father was a military pilot, flying a Mirage for the Swiss army. His picture adorns the invite for the presentation last week in Kreuzberg.

While Zigerli created the cuts, Fobbe worked on prints, and the result is an erratic mixture of rigorous shapes, numerous velcro and silk in the colors of the rainbow. I talked to them about the inescapable reference Top Gun, radiating air and sharks.