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Tag: London

Food in London: Koya

I don’t queue to get into a club or a bar. I don’t queue for the newest H&M collaboration. I don’t queue for a super sale. But I queue for food. Even if this means standing on the streets of Soho in London while the rain is falling, wearing a thin summer-coat, that wasn’t a wise decision considering the British temperatures. I queued outside for an hour, because the seater told us to. I queued for a restaurant that doesn’t take reservations and is always full. Where the seater also won’t take a list of names or tell you any predictions on how long it will take and will only give you the table if every guest of your party has arrived and, of course, strictly follows the line outside. If you go to have a hot tea somewhere to bypass the waiting, you’ll lose your place in line and will have to queue again. Nevertheless I queued and Koya was so worth it.*

Food in London: The Begging Bowl

Before going to London, I asked friends and Facebook for tips on where to eat. And many of them recommended going to The Begging Bowl. Turned out this little Thai restaurant was located just about 500m from where I stayed in the very nice area of Peckham, where loads of things going on right now, yet it still has a quiet and small-town-feel to it.
We arrived at the restaurant way too late, with the kitchen already closed, but begged our way into getting some food and it was so worth it.

Food in London: Silk Road

So, I actually wouldn’t consider myself an expert on Chinese food – The options we have in Berlin are rather limited and not necessarily around the corner, so Chinese food just isn’t on my regular food list.
Anyhow, even before I went to London, I knew I wanted to try as many Asian restaurants as possible, knowing that London has a great culture of Asian food. So we started with Silk Road close by Camberwell Green in Peckham. And boy, would I’ve loved to pack the place up and transplant it to Mitte.

At the studio: Atalanta Weller

When I was finished with the portrait of Cooperative Designs, Dorothee asked me if I would like to meet two shoe designers that had their working space in the same unit. A door behind the knitting machines opened and I met Atalanta (left), the creative behind the label Atalanta Weller and her assistant Holly. Their studio is filled with sculptural heels, designed for Gareth Pugh and House Of Holland. Atalanta’s own collection has been out for the second time this winter and is available at Brown’s Fashion.

Susie Bubble visited her only some days later: Ata-Weller-Weller-oh….