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Kitchen Tunes: Ban Ban Kitchen

It’s summer in Berlin, our favorite season in the city! And what’s better than to celebrate it with some nice tunes? Next in our weekly Kitchen Tunes series: Ban Ban Kitchen! Serving so-called Korean ‘soul food’ like bulgogi burgers and kimchi pommes, it quickly became one of our favorite places to go before taking a walk around Tempelhof! Get ready for another summer weekend at the many Brandenburg lakes with 2pac, Kurtis Blow and Solange!

Kitchen Tunes: Big Stuff Smoked BBQ

The other day, when we were filling our bellies at Markthalle Neun, Anna of Big Stuff Smoked BBQ came up with the following idea: what if we could sneak into a chef’s kitchen, not only to see but to hear what they’re listening to? Taking a look behind-the-scenes, listening to the same music that’s playing when the chefs do their magic. Many of you know how much we love the combination of food & music and there’s supposed to be a connection between the music a chef’s listening to while getting inspired for culinary creations.

And just like that, a new series on this very blog was born: Kitchen Tunes!

Back portrait of Taryn

Discover This: I Used to Be Darker

The credits start rolling while Kim Taylor is still singing, holding a guitar in her arms, and expressing all her melancholy through a song that hasn’t left me since I first heard it: Days Like This. You look up at the sky above you/ Days like this/ You think about the ones that love you/All I wanna do is live my life honestly/ I just want to wake up and see your face next to me/ Every regret I have I will go set free / It will be good for me. I sighed, a little tear rolled down my face and later I came back for a second screening just to see and hear that song again.

At home & Interview: Dena

There’s a science behind the ideal summer jam: it needs to be peppy, silly, and catchy. Dena’s genius “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools” hits all our buttons, but it was the fantastic fleamarket-set video that really made the internet sit up and hit replay again and again. It was high time StilinBerlin’s music expert Florian Duijsens met this Bulgarian artist to talk about just how she pulled off writing 2012’s perfect summer jam.