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Tag: original unverpackt

Best of: The 10 Most Popular Food Places of 2015

2015 is over, my friends, time to take a look back on what this year has accomplished. While the big picture is quite depressing, a smaller, more local picture, maybe one limited to the food-related parts of life, actually makes a good one – Berlin’s food scene has definitely grown beyond all expectations, the number of new openings made it hard to follow, but the old players definitely had something to add to the game as well. 2015 was in fact so packed with food experiences, it makes me almost scared for the coming year, how’s one supposed to keep up?! I don’t expect this food-evolvement to end very soon – Lucky us & Guten Rutsch!

Interior of Original Unverpackt Berlin

Zero-Waste in Berlin: Original Unverpackt

We’re all producing way too much waste. Seriously. You know it, I know it, we all do. Just, many of us don’t do much about it.
Here to help you start re-considering your own waste-production and, consequently, change it, is a food store in Kreuzberg that is (almost) waste-free: Original Unverpackt.