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Korean in Berlin: Ixthys

First things first, this small diner is making no secret of its religious alignment. Some might be able to ignore this, but I found it rather weird eating my Bibimbap in a room wallpapered with hand-written bible quotes from floor to ceiling.

Shop in Berlin: Flea Market at Rathaus Schöneberg

In terms of flea markets, Berlin proves to be a rather difficult city. Many of the most highly praised ones are either overcrowded and filled with handicraft nonsense like Mauerpark (although, the household clearance booth with its uncountable cardboard boxes full of stuff proves to be a source of joy if you arrive before it becomes broken and messy), or overpriced and overly posh like Unter den Linden.

Shop in Berlin: Andreas Murkudis

Andreas Murkudis’ concept store, that was founded in 2003, might just be the most well known Berlin store world-wide and has helped establish the city’s international importance and appeal. After the building of Murkudis’ former location in Mitte’s Münzstraße was sold, the team was lucky to find an enormous and bright space in the former Tagesspiegel newspaper building.