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SiB.edit: Juli, 2007-06-22

Yesterday evening I visited the opening of Backjumps – The Live Issues #3 at Kunstraum/Bethanien in Kreuzberg (check the program for the offered workshops, talks, presentations, citywalks and parties coming along with that huge biyearly street art event, unfortunately only in German) and guess who I met: schnieke Mitteschnitte Juli!

She was presenting her book on street art and spontaneously agreed to be my guest-editor on SiB.edit. So please enjoy following her through the (street&fine) art crowd:

Juli says:
Well what should I say: I like New Rave, he likes New Rave. I am in love with his silver leggings. And yes boy, drink some water as long as you can. In some years it will be a luxury item just like your great leggings. The painting on the wall is by ASH.

Juli says:
I dig the sailor look that this yankee (New York) girl is wearing. Forget stars and stripes – her combination of dots and stars is just beautiful. The background is by the Danish group HuskMitNavn, which means “Remember My Name”.

Juli says:
Well Johann, I think even if you would be stuck in a rubbish bag, you would still look good. With this great patchwork leather jacket you make a stunning appearance. What I like most about this outfit is the mix of styles: eco-touched leather shoes, shiny baggy pants, a striped white-collar-worker shirt, a wooden bracelet and the leather jacket as the highlight.

Juli says:
This guy doesn’t just look like a country singer – he is a country singer. So I can only say congratulations for the authentic appearance. His horse is in Canada, his guitar in Berlin. I am looking forward to the song, you promised to sing the next time we will meet. In the background is a living sculpture that was representing war – scary.

Juli says:
Her bag looks like one of those plastic bags from a Turkish vegetable shop. But no, it’s a NYLON bag from a Turkish vegetable shop. Inside is not a cucumber, but a “Süddeutsche” newspaper. Her jeans are all ripped up in the back (what you can’t see) and they fit nicely with the top. The red shoes are in complementary color with the bag. Talking in germlish I would call this a “round” outfit. Ps. thanks for ending the era of skinny jeans and thanks to Paris based artist SKKI for the great leopard background.

Juli says:
I know this guy. His name is Matthias but he is more known as Flying Fortress. He was the first one and he will be the last one with a mustache. And that’s good, because it suits him.

SiB.edit: Armando & Joor Part II

Sorry for updating so infrequent the last days, but, you know, it’s summer and the temperatures and sun are high, the beer is cheap.. so we tend to do more savoir vivre than working… but for a little cool-down we’re showing you the last pics of SiB.edit #1, featuring the stylists from the Netherlands. (click here to see part I)

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Lilly, 5 1/2

We were walking down the street when we noticed this blondie watching how daddy fixed the car. Normaly kids are not dressed this unique, but they crave for Pokémon- or football shirts. It seems like she’s already headstrong when it comes to choose her outfit. But what’s up with the dad? Didn’t Vivienne Westwood say that you can NOT be overdressed.
Fresh complexions, skirt with squares combined with polka dots and coloured boots. The poncho and hairband finish it off nicely.
Sebastian & Judith & Kristin, 24, students

Check out how the outfit of the right girl fits with the graffiti above her. The detail that attracted our eyes was the geometrical haircut of Kristin.
Black tone with jeans is always on the safe side. Chequered jacket is well combined with that pink and the shawl and gloves make the outfit complete. The red belt also gives a nice accent.

Tei, 31, artist

She had something of a cowgirl-aura surrounding her in that outfit. She said that her friends didn’t really dig it, but we did. ;P
What you see here is the use of different layers, wich makes the outfit quite interesting. Blue and brown is a classic combo. And “diamonds are a girl’s best friends”.
Yuko, dancer

She was not dreaming (Träume=dreams) at all with her bubbly bag. Actually she was preparing for a dance performance.
This outfit reflects a style of one’s own. The colourful ensemble stays in balance because of the black used in the upper part and pants. The glasses and the huge bag are so fine.
Martin, 37, actor

Sexy grey, ain’t it? And this silver is nature’s gift to him. Fine combo and that small red belt is some nice eye-catcher (why is the shirt tucked in, by the way?).

Aldo, 37, artist & Wiebke, 25, designer

Aldo: nice laid-back attitude. Varicoloured shoes look cute, but unfortunately it’s not so visible on the picute. Shawl and cap make this a full-blown outfit.
Wiebke: conspicuous appearance. Tight jeans and marvellous shoes. She works with different styles, but they all match, wich makes her look so absorbing. The Alice band and this flower fit her hair and her shoes. Nicely done.

Natalie, 29, translator & stewardess

Très chic, très èlègant. Very well-balanced combo. Black makes it very classy, but the light blue makes it more light and very pleasant to look at.

SiB.edit: Armando & Joor Part I

As long time readers (which you all are of course),you may recall the 1st of may on which we announced a brand new feature to be appeared on StilinBerlin.

This newest feature is called “SiB.edit”. It goes something like this: we invite some special guests (naturally fashion-experts) to come along with us and to point out the people whose outfits they like. After that they give us their point of view over the way those Berliners dress.
This time is the turn for the two lovely Dutch guys Armando&Joor, we met first on iqons.
We hope you may like this fresh shiny brand new freature from us, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of it. ;-)
Enjoy reading!

Joor, modelscout/stylist & Armando, photographer

Laurenz, 7 & Erik, 36

We spotted this “Berliner” from far far away – he was playing football with his adorable son and had this super-relaxed attitude, and style. We need more foxy fathers like this. He wears a pair of big sunglasses, which are especially hot because of that neon-lace kinda thing. His son wears long hair; so fashionable for young kids.
Sascha Ring, 28, musician – apparat

Big sunglasses, pretty tight jeans and a kind of “just fresh out of bed” look, wich is finished off by his designer stubble. We met him on his way to work (on a national holiday, to underline that) – he was having breakfast (sandwich & coke) while walking. It just works out.

Clementine, 27, student (architecture) & Paul, 27, actor

An outgoing couple. The bus behind them belongs is theirs by the way. Clementine mixes the girlish with sporty, but keeps a cool femininity and how enthralling to wear chucks with a flower printed lace-skirt! The boy is “pretty in pink”. Not a lot of men can carry this color and look superb; but amazingly he can. The streets are yours.

Julian, 23, student (fashion design)

We love his style, very hip, but individual. The pretty top with all kinds of fishes and a jacket which has been transformed into a scarf. Just a little crazy personal touch. His haircolor and style goes so well together with the green of this old sunglasses.
Seth, 31, translator & Aya, 32, webdesigner

What a wonderful couple. Especially the boy: a complete blue image. We like his Continental haircut and the schoolboy-look. The girl uses such nice red details in her outfit; i.e. her glasses, earrings and belt. Go girl.