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Tag: sightseeing

On Tour: Palm Springs

Palm Springs was the last stop on our road-trip, in principle planned to heat us up before returning to the dreadful cold in Berlin. Located in the desert of the Coachella valley, the city experienced its heyday in the 1960s, when it was known as the “recreation center to the stars”. And the city kept this feel until today with its many mid-century architectures.

In Love: San Francisco

I instantly fell in love with San Francisco. No doubt about it, this city is a lot more comparable to Berlin than LA is, and it might just also fulfill more of my expectations of an urban life, since there’s actually life on the streets. Sadly, we chose a more than bad timing for our visit, we stayed over Thanksgiving, when everything was closed.

On Tour: Highway 1

Might just be the most beautiful place in the world, take Highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco up north, preferably during sunset and then indulge the breathtaking landscapes of Big Sur. I know, these pictures are unbelievably cheesy, but at the end, as a reward you’ll find down below: the sea lions in an extra-large picture(!).

On Tour: Biking in Santa Monica

On our first day we decided to cycle through Santa Monica, an approach that might sound rather weird in a that is basically depending on car rides. Although many roads nowadays got bike lanes, one rarely sees people biking to work / yoga class / the vegan lunch place, but it’s such a nice thing to do and I can only recommend it.