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Tag: stationery

Stationery in Mitte: Luiban

Unfortunately, I was recently struggling with making snail mail work, blaming the postal services and their subsided will to actually get your letters to where you want them to be, because why not use texts or emails if it’s that important for you to get your message across? But there is actually gorgeous stationery out there, that’s (one reason) why! I wanna use all the beautiful papers, pens, and little accessories this Mitte store has to offer, and even if you’re not up for snail mailing things, why not hand over little notes to your more or less loved ones? There are loads of reasons to get one or fifty of their products.

matcha latte at two and two cafe, Neukölln

Cafés in Berlin: Two and Two

Although this year’s Berlin winter is not as grey nor as cold as we’re used to, my occasional chocolate craving is as present as ever and the place that fulfills it best is Two and Two, a hidden treasure trove in the streets of Neukölln.