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Tag: street food thursday

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Revisited: Street Food Thursday

It’s almost a year ago since the best foodie-invention since the Thai Market came to our lovely city and we’ve been enthusiastic fans of the glorious Street Food Thursday at Markthalle IX ever since. One of its qualities is the ever changing list of vendors. While starting with (and still often featuring) foodie stars like Fräulein Kimchi or Glücksmädchen; many new favorites have been added. It was about time to show you some (new) highlights.

Food in Berlin: Street Food Thursday

When I heard about Street Food Thursday I was excited, when I got invited to taste a preview, I was beyond excited – and then very sad because my schedule told me I wouldn’t be able to attend for at least some weeks. Until the schedule changed and Street Food Thursday turned into a fix date for me and Mr. Duijsens.