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Tag: Summer

Art in Berlin: Sunset, August 8th, 2013

Some say the best Berlin experiences take place at dawn: making it past the doormen at Berghain, successfully avoiding the Club Mate bottles on your way home through a park, even being awakened by the garbage trucks and knowing you can sleep another hour or two. Everything looks better just before the break of day. Everything, that is, except for absolutely EVERYTHING when we have a sunset like the one we did last night. Berlin was all a-gloaming in pastels, and it was glorious.

Biergarten in Berlin: Prater Garten

It’s the same every year, after weeks of suffering from cold temperatures, icy winds and just too much snow, temperatures suddenly make a surprising jump to give Berlin a summery feel the local flora can’t live up to… So that’s why the above picture is lacking in something: leafs. The beautiful and giant chestnut trees covering the more than famous Prater Garten are still very naked and thus an odd contrast to the crowds enjoying beer in sleeveless shirts and short skirts.

Spring in Berlin

I love how Berlin changes as soon as the sun is out. As if a heavy weight was finally taken off the city, people pour out on the streets to sit outside of cafés, turning their face into the sun to enjoy every minute of it. Who knows how long the golden one will stay with us, I’m sure the winter beast will make a final return sooner or later, until then: breathe, Berlin, breathe!