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StilimPark: a Garden Party

The occasion of the get-together of the following people was a birthday celebration in a huge park.

Jessica allowed us to published the picture of her which is on our exibition’s flyer. And we also used this picture for press purposes. Therefor she was seen all over Berlin. So we say: Thanks Jessi.
She also gave an Ok for taking another picture of her impeccable style.

Hanns-Christoph, minister and Peter, dentist (in black)
Ladies in dresses and of course gents in (linen) suits. A classic for a day out in the wild.

Till, musician
What I am terribly sorry for is that you can not see Till’s shoes. Forgot to take a detail shot. He had those fine two-tones (brown/white). Maybe you are able to see some of it shining through the blades of grass. The bag is from Jessi, as you might have noticed earlier. And the bucket is for the birthday flowers. Cute, huh?

Fashion Pol…Army!

Love it or hate it. For some it seems like she opened her closet and grabbed anything within reach, others appreciate this ensemble. We like it and think it’s splendiferous. Check the peppermint shoes.

Malin, 18, artist
Guess what: another scandinavian in Berlin. To be precise she is from Sweden. We noticed a lot of scandinavian people in Berlin. But you don’t hear us complaining. :D

We’ll meet again…

Met her again on her way home from Club der Visionäre. Since this is the third picture of her on our blog, we’ll have a little raffle: just link the pics from the previous encounters in a comment. The glorious winner gets a bar of chocolate made in Berlin. Hurray!
*first come, first served*

City of (long-distance) Love!

Katarina, 20, student (from Sweden, visits her boyfriend in Berlin)

Charles, 28, hair stylist (from New York, visits his boyfriend in Berlin)
Check out this guy. Charles’ shoe laces and the little red label hidden in those laces match with the stones on his belt buckle. Wow, what a freak for details, what a turn on.

Greetings to all long distance lovers out there!

Btw: tomorrow we’ll try something new – we’ll meet up with some hot stylists from the netherlands and feature them in our first “edition in berlin”. They’ll choose our models and comment their choice.
Afterwards we’ll be at our exhibition at Postfuhramt – so stop by!

All Plain…

Katja, working at Acne Store

Franz, student (literature)

Wearing an outfit using one main color really looks good and makes you jump out of the crowd. Best thing: you can wear little accessory in different color than your main theme and it’ll stand out. Like those green shoes in the second photo or the brown belt.