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Tag: true blue

Blue, 2007-02-09

Charlotte, 19, student
“I am wearing a navy-blue wintercoat with a white leatherbelt, black pants, a navyblue beany, a red scarve and a golden handbag. Fashion means a lot to me: I love choosing clothes from my (and especially other peoples) cupboards and combining them in a new way! I just spent 3 months in south africa and bought lots of stuff there… My style depends on my mood.”

Janne, 19, fashion intern
“I am wearing a turquois parka, the “sleepwalker” by Sigur Ros is printed on the back, glasses and a bag are from the flea market and a selfmade yellow dress. The most things I wear are selfmade or presents. If I have to buy stuff it’s mostly H&M, cause it’s so cheap. But I often alter them. I also like American Apparel and flea markets. I’m inspired by music, colors, art and the nordic landscapes. My style is very colorful, I mix up scandinavian and british fashion. Fashion is very important for me, especially color combination – I’m thinking a lot about my style before I leave the house in the morning.”