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Tag: USA

Discover This: Nebraska

Before the American award season comes to full bloom, we already have a winner as far as the non-existent category of best film poster is concerned: it’s the shadowy and hardly visible silhouette of Bruce Dern’s head on the beautiful poster of the magnificent film Nebraska. With his hair uncombed and thinning and his face but a mysterious line as if posing for a paper cut, this image of Dern couldn’t be more fitting for a film about a man who is very recognizable yet full of secrets, some of them part of the dark shadows of his past.

Discover This: Frances Ha

Dear Greta Gerwig,

It’s hardly an original thing to say at the moment, but I have huge crush on you. I know, everyone does, and I kind of wish I hated your film Frances Ha even a little bit so that I could be controversial, go against the general hype, but you simply make it impossible not to love you. Honestly, it was never easier to recommend a film to my friends or to our readers, and it was never truer to call a film a feelgood movie, although Frances Ha is much more insightful and playful and fun and honest and sweeping than most of the other films bearing that label.