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WIN: Perfect Weekend in Berlin

Turning 10 is a big thing, especially for a humble blog like this one. Obviously, celebrating with a private dinner definitely isn’t enough! I wanna celebrate with all of you guys! Which is why I’m hosting the beloved Breakfast Market at Markthalle Neun on May 15th, making it a Stil in Berlin Birthday Edition! And I want all of you guys to come and eat with me! More info soon, but first, I want to treat two of you to a very special weekend, I’d definitely call it the perfect weekend in Berlin… Find out how to get it here.

We’ll meet again…

Met her again on her way home from Club der Visionäre. Since this is the third picture of her on our blog, we’ll have a little raffle: just link the pics from the previous encounters in a comment. The glorious winner gets a bar of chocolate made in Berlin. Hurray!
*first come, first served*