Tag: Winter

At home: Robert Lippok

Robert Lippok is wearing a Bernhard Wilhelm shirt, Comme des Garcons jeans, Falke socks and Gucci shoes. He’s a part of To Rococo Rot and a collector of strange things. His room is filled with, of course, records and musical instruments, but also with all kinds of knick-knacks. He has a thing for lamps made of hedgehog spines, small red plastic rabbits, big black plastic ravens, anatomic models of the human body, parrot beaks, huge glass bulbs, and hand puppets, like the creepy one he is showing in this picture. But he is not stockpiling them and making his apartment into a weird cabinet of curiosities, but rather chooses them carefully, presenting only a few of them on his desk and walls. Which either makes it less spooky, or even more.

At Home: Mari Lippok

Mari, who wears her favourite Bernhard Wilhelm dress in this picture, lives around the corner from my house and she is my icon for simple delights. When she serves her guests something, one can be sure it is of highest quality, though it takes only little time to prepare. For example, she always has this special kind of soft water at home, and makes the most delicious flat bread with grainy salt and rosemary that goes incredibly well with some red wine on her balcony in late summer nights. I remember one dinner when she announced she would only prepare something very simple, and when we arrived the most mouth-watering scent of a heartwarming and dainty pasta sauce was already filling the room. If Mari invites you over, you can consider yourself lucky.