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Penkov Store Opening

Alina, 23, assistant to Bernadette Penkov

> H&M coat
> vintage shirt, shoes and necklace
> hat from London

Bernadette Penkov, 32

> Penkov clothing
> Zara shoes

Mira, 24, student (fashion journalism)

> vintage clutch and hat (from Canada, bought in the 1970ies by her boyfriends father)
> Mango Jacket
> boyfriends skarf

Winter reloaded: Berlin in March

Sara from London, 25

I’m Vladimir, 26 years, from Berlin. I study fashion and graphic design. I’m wearing cheap spanish shoes from a supermarket, trousers from BLB, available at Apartment, Berlin. A 2nd Hand shirt from Bulgaria and an old watch by Casio.
What fashion means to me, that’s…I don’t know. It’s important to me.

My name is Malena, I’m from Sweden and 26 years old. I study costume design at Universität der Künste Berlin. Today I’m carrying around a lot costumes. Boots are from H&M, so are the trousers, 2nd Hand tunica from the 70ies, the jacket is 2nd Hand. I think clothes tell a lot about a person. I’m wearing this today because I think it’s a little spring-like and today is spring. Again. In Berlin.

Temples: Mosque, Mall and Church, 2007-02-25

Till, 28, musician
Q: What’s up with the lady boots on a men’s bike?
A: My bike handles a complex definition of gender in order to question the established binary one. The boots however are because of the cold.
The clothes I wear come from different sources, like unknown designers soon-to-be-copied-by-H&M or cosmopolitan second hand shops. I like to combine things…to create something individual, you know.

Nina, doctor + Gerome, 27, american football player

going west, 2007-02-17

Stefanie, 28, set designer + Melissa, 25, Ph.D. student (psychology)

Franziska, 22, student (fashion design)
I’m wearing a red coat by Sinéquanone from this season, kneelength trousers by MEXX from summer 2006 and a bag by Kaviar Gauche, also from this season. I like to be inspired while shopping, I pay a lot attention to form and color. Little boutiques with special pieces are the best places to shop, but I also like Zara, Mango and so on.

Elmira, fashion designer

Anja, 31, opera singer