Manti in Berlin: Gözleme Restaurant

If you’re asking: what even are Manti? You’ll be proving my point that Turkish food is still not appreciated widely enough in Berlin. We (must) have a plethora of places serving the most delicious stuff, yet, I don’t find them celebrated enough (except that mishmash of a sandwich called Döner). Here to convince you are Manti, a turkish Ravioli or dumpling. Eat them at this Anatolian place in Neukölln, filled with meat or potato, served with yoghurt sauce and a paprika butter, and you will understand.

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Freshly baked Gözleme with spinach

It’s called Gözleme, like the filled pastry served as a quick snack, and is located just by Hermannplatz on Karl-Marx-Straße. The restaurant is not a cosy beauty, but it has a big open kitchen where busy and friendly women work the dough, fill it and cook it fresh to order. Which is one big reason why you should come here: everything is fresh and super tasty. Now, the Manti. Admittedly, I never had Manti before, but I’ve read about it and wanted to try them forever. And I was right, these little Knödels tick every box on my comfort food list: belly-filling deliciousness of cooked dough filled with soft potatoes, covered in lightly sour yoghurt sauce, drizzled with paprika butter and loads of garlic (which you can ask to be left out when ordering, I went for it and it was … intense. But hey, it’s supposed to be healthy.)

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We also had a lentil soup that had a velvety texture and balanced flavor, enhanced by added lemon, and a spinach gözleme that was wonderfully fresh and delicious.  People on the internet have said for years that every gözleme here is delicious.I didn’t write down any prices, but it was cheap, the bowl of Manti cost us around 6,50 Euro. I’m almost a bit sad I didn’t know about this place before, but whatever, I will be back for more bowls of Manti.

And please, leave more recommendations for delicious Turkish food places in the comments – Teşekkür ederim!

Gözleme Restaurant

Gözleme Restaurant

Karl-Marx-Straße 35

12043 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 11:00–22:30,
Sun 12:00-22:30


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  1. lisa on


    Ich steh ja sowas von auf Gözleme und besonders Manti, und diese sehen ja sowas von köstlich aus – bestimmt super erfrischend und würzig mit dem leicht säuerlichen Joghurt und der Paprikabutter.

  2. Angel of Berlin on


    I love Gözleme. I regularly eat them at the Market on Karl-August-Platz in Charlottenburg.

  3. Miranda on


    I haven’t tried the manti there yet, but the gözleme at Güllü Lahmacun is delicious and everyone working there is incredibly friendly. The spinach and cheese option for €2.50 made for a perfect snack while walking around in the cold last weekend.

  4. sia on


    Yummy looking meal, there is a lot of delicious food to explore around the world. Thanks for sharing.
    Love, Sia |

  5. Birgit on


    Ich mag das Meyan in der Goltzstraße sehr gerne. Nicht unbedingt eine Straße, wo man ein solches Lokal vermuten würde.

  6. Anna on


    Die Gözleme von Imren Grill sind lecker! Manti bekommt man jeden Mittwoch beim Orient Eck am Kotti. Die kleine Portion kostet 3/4 €. Die Linsensuppe ist auch dort zu empfehlen. Perfekt für den Mittag an kalten Tage.

  7. Fatih on


    “that mishmash of a sandwich called Döner”

    what’s wrong with döner? i wish here were more places serving real döner

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      While I think a Döner may have some potential to be delicious, they way it is mostly served in Berlin is just a mishmash of low quality ingredients.

  8. Morgan on


    Tried this out after reading this. So so good – thank you Mary! Will become my local.

  9. Nurgül on


    You should try Hasir or Adana Grillhouse in Kreuzberg. And I can also recommend Carik Kuruyemis and Cafe in Wedding, they have the best Kumpir!!!

  10. Felipe Tofani on


    I love this place so much that i had to write about it on my blog. It is great to know that you like it as well. I have been there quite a few times and, nowadays, i’m trying to find other places to try manti in Berlin. =]

  11. Scott on


    Here are two of my favorites:
    Osmans Töchtern (some of the best meze in Berlin):
    Alsancak Simit Sarayi (wonderfully fresh, home-made Simits):
    Bir şey değil ;)

  12. Daniela Strom on


    Bestes Frühstück, die mich anspricht finde ich bei Meyan Süßholz, in Schöneberg, nähe Winterfeldtplatz. Dazu die täglich wechselnde Tagesessen. Manti gibt es auch. Habe es noch nicht ausprobiert, aber ein Kollege von mir meinte, es schmeckt sehr gut.

  13. Caroline on


    I can strongly reconmend Bal Köfte at Kottbusser Damm and Tantuni at Hermannstraße – both are fantastic.

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